(Recommended pronunciation: stress the third syllable, as in "Arizona" or "Barcelona")
Designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts. Sound design by Eduardo Ortiz Frau.
Gorogoa is a beautifully hand-illustrated story suspended inside a puzzle with a completely unique mechanic. The user moves panels around on a grid as though arranging framed drawings on a wall. But the scene within each drawing is alive, and may be navigated as though it were a 3D space. When two drawings are correctly stacked or aligned, they fuse together miraculously to form a new scene. It's a process that is elegantly simple and yet astonishing to see.
The game is tentatively targeted for release in Q1 2017, on PC and Mac and mobile platforms.
Listen to an interview with the developer on bigsushi.fm!
Download the demo for Windows or Mac !

Note that the Windows version comes bundled with Java, but the the Mac version does not, so Mac users should be prompted to install Java if they don't have it (this may only be an issue for Mountain Lion users).



All music in the demo licensed from