(Recommended pronunciation: stress the third syllable, as in "Arizona" or "Barcelona")
Designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts. Sound design by Eduardo Ortiz Frau. And (coming soon) music by Austin Wintory.
Still a work in progress, Gorogoa is a lovingly hand-illustrated world suspended inside of a unique puzzle. To solve the puzzle, the player rearranges a few tiles on a simple grid, placing them next to or on top of one another. But each tile is also a window into a different part of the game world--or perhaps into a different world--and each window plays like its own little game. Even so, the key to progressing never lies within one tile, but in the connections between tiles.
The game is targeted for release in Q2 2016, initially on PC and Mac, subsequently on mobile platforms.
Listen to an interview with the developer on bigsushi.fm!
Download the demo for Windows or Mac !

Note that the Windows version comes bundled with Java, but the the Mac version does not, so Mac users should be prompted to install Java if they don't have it (this may only be an issue for Mountain Lion users).



All music in the demo licensed from